H1B transfer while in India- never travelled - Urgent

Dear Team,

first of all a Big Thank You to all who have been responding and supporting people in needed. great Job.

My case: 

Filed throught a [b]consultant A[/b] in 2013 and got H1 approved and stamped in 2013 Decemer. I`m currently working with Company B.

1. My first option is to leave company B and travel on Company A`s H1 visa and go find suitable consulting opportunities with the help of consultant A. Am I right in assuming I can do this any time before my visa expires [in 2016]

2. Company B says is a reputed IT services company wth a good presense in the US,

   i. First reason they give is they cannot transfer the Visa without a Clint`s name tagged [A client of company B] is this true ? I`m assuming they can transfer directly yo Company B`s name itself ?

  ii. Company B says they cant have me working on Presales and Solution architecting role while I`m in H1 ? Is this true ?? is there is any limitation in working as Presales and solution architecting role in the US while you are H1 ?? or for that matter in even Sales job ??

  iii. Company B says they need atleast payslips from Company A to even initiate the transfer of Visa ?? Is this mandatory as I`ve never travelled to US yet ??

Please need your help as I need to choose between Option 1 or 2 and decide how to go about it ??