H1B transfer when the visa and petition has expired

I was working in india for company A from August 2007 till July 2011. While working there, H1B was initiated for me and the stamping happened on 1st of Feb 2010. But it was valid only for short duration and expired on March 2010 (including the petition). So i never travelled to US. Now i’m working in another Company B. My questions are
a) Should the employer B get the visa transfered from A, before applying for renewal? (if renewal is allowed)
b) if yes, what is the procedure and the fees?

I believe your employer can file cap-exempt H1B petition for you anytime now. Once the petition is approved, you can go for visa stamping at embassy.

If employer files the H1B petition in premium processing, you will get decision or RFE in 15 days. In regular processing, it might take 1-6 months.