H1B transfer when the employer initiated withdrawal of petition from USCIS in first fiscal year- Cap exempt ?

I got my H1 in 2016 lottery and was working in USA in H1 status starting Oct 1, 2016. Traveled to India in Jan 2017 and got stuck with 221g. Employer terminated me and requested withdrawal of petition to USCIS on Aug 11,2017. Now in Dec 2017 another employer is willing to process my H1 transfer. Am I cap exempted ?

PS: I lately came to know that if the petition has been withdrawn during the first fiscal year (in my case Aug 11, 2017 which is between Oct 1,2016- Sep 30, 2017), then I need to go through lottery again.

USCIS case status : Correspondence received and under review since Aug 11,2017.

Please respond. Thanks !

Any update on your case? Did you file a new petition on CAP exempt? Please update