H1B transfer when H1B was approved but no stamping


I would really appreciate if someone can clarify the questions I have regarding my unique situation. I have my H1B petition approved (year 2014) from my current company (lets say company A). But since there is no requirement in my current project, the stamping is not yet done.

Now, my wife’s L1 petition is approved and we are shortly going for L1/L2 stamping together. My question is, if I travel to USA on L2 and then find a company (company B) to sponser my H1B will they be able to transfer my current H1B approved petition from company A. If yes, will it be cap exempted or will it be considered under 2015 H1B cap.

To make things more complex, citing policy issues, company A is not providing the H1B petition number or any documents realted to it.

Is there a way company B can get this info via USCIS and proceed with my H1B transfer so that I can utilize the current approved petition and escape the H1B caps for the year 2015.

Please please please let me know.

Thanks and Regards


Yes, U can transfer to H1…

Also U will be cap-exempted for 6 years till 2019

u can request for i797 approval document, if u have case number with you… case number is sufficient to transfer/cap-exemption