H1B transfer was approved - I-797B with no reason


My H1B transfer was approved - I-797B with no reason

I received email from USCIS forwarded by Attorney and it has a I-94 number listed (which is old one).

Classification: H1B
Starting Validity Date: 03/29/16
Ending Validity Date: 12/16/18
Consulate notified (if applicable): CHENNAI
I-94 # (if applicable): 622216349

The form I-797 Approval Notice will follow in the mail.

But hard copy mailed is a I-797B with no reason attached and no I94 as well.

My attorney has emailed california centre about this miscommunication between email and hard copy.

What can I do now? I cannot work for new employer without i94 and so can I go out and come back again for new i94 with old visa?

Also I dont know if my old h1b has been revoked by my previous employer.

Attorneys are advising to go for consular processing to Ottawa since I have 2 kids travelling nearby will be easier.

Please suggestions are welcome.


I would do what the attorneys are suggesting.

I’m facing the same issue and my attorney just contacted USCIS.
Can you please let me know what was the reply from USCIS for the question raised by your employer. Did USCIS repaced I797B with I797A