H1B transfer vs H1B amendment in 2017

Hi All,

I have got H1B approved on Mar 2017 (delayed because of RFE) but my employer doesn’t have project for me now. I am currently in India and haven’t got the stamping done yet. I have below questions -

  1. Can I directly apply to other companies in U.S based on my current state of H1B?

  2. Will they even consider me for interview?

  3. How much time does it take for a company to get h1 transfer done for a person sitting in India? I have heard that premium processing is suspended currently, how does it affect my case?

  4. Can i start working as soon as h1 transfer is filed?

  5. My current h1 employer’s location in New York, If I find a new employer/consultant in California, do they need to file both h1 transfer and amendment?

  6. What is the best option I have to go start working asap?