H1B Transfer - Utilized for four years

Hello Saurabh,

My H1B was stamped in May 2012 and I utilized it till Feb 2014. After I came to India. Now I want to again go to USA and seeking H1B transfer. I want to understand that technically how the period of H1B is counted.

  1. Is it from the date the visa is stamped ?

  2. or is it the duration which one stayed in USA

  3. In my case if I go in couple months, how much more time I can be in US on H1B. How soon I have to apply greencard to avoid H1B 6 years cap.

My concern is i dont want to return and knowing that my h1b status will expire sometime, I want to understand what should be done to be on GC EAD .



1,2 Only the time spent inside US is counted towards 6 year cap

  1. You will get 6 years minus time already spent inside US