H1B transfer to new employer when I am in the USA

Hi US Visa experts,

I have a few questions related to H1B visa.

  1. When I’m in the USA in H1B status, if I choose to switch employer, how much time it might take?

1.a. i.e., If I’m selected in an interview by a new employer, I think, I should get (a) new H1B petition (cap-excempt) by new employer (b) LCA. How much time it might take?

  1. Does 6 years of H1B status starts (a) from 01-Oct or (b) when I enter the USA or © the total no. of days I stay in the USA under H1B status?

Thanks in advance.

  1. That Depends… If premium Processing, it may take less time, provided U dont run in RFE…

1.a. U can Cap-Exempt or Transfer if U got pay stubs…

  1. 6 Years from H1B Approval date AFAIK