H1B Transfer to new employer before my previous H1 is revoked

I got my H1 extended in July 2019 and got stamped on September 3rd and i lost my job (asked to forcefully resign) on 30th September 2019 (my last working day). Now i am in India and reached out to another employer for transferring my H1, and another employer is asking me to travel to US on my old Employers H1 (I checked and my H1 is still not revoked yet). and this employer is saying he will file as soon as i enter into US. And i lived in US for 11 years (2007 - 2018) before i came back to India. What if i travel to US on my existing H1 and valid Visa, Will Visa be valid until my H1 is revoked? what if my H1 is revoked soon after i travel, will i have any grace period to apply for H1 transfer in case if this employers filing got delayed a little. and I know my previous company will also revoke my I-140, if so, can i go for extending my H1 once my H1 is expired in US before my new employer apply for Perm and got approved.

Thank in advance

How long did you stay in US on H1B ?
How long is your I-140 approved ? Was it approved for more than 180 days from the date of approval with the employer ?

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