H1B Transfer to new employer After Stamping

My H1B petition was recently approved and my passport was already stamped with H1B.

This is my first H1B and I never worked in the US before.

My concern is that one more employer is interested in my professional background and would like to transfer my H1B before entering the USA.

I would like to understand whether my H1B can be transferred to a new employer before moving to the USA.

Whether it will have any negative impact now or in future?

Could you please advise me?

Yes this is possible. Technically its not a change of employer aka transfer petition but a new cap-exempt petition when the beneficiary is not already working and present in the US otherwise it will be change of employer/transfer.

No issues.

Thanks a lot.As I never worked in the US before, It concerned me a lot.Anyway, now I understood.

Sorry one more question. If my understanding is correct I don’t need to go for stamping once again right?

Yes, if you already have a valid H1B visa when you travel to the US.

Thanks a lot.I Understood.

My h1b petition initially refused due to client issue in 2021 when i attended interview in Hyderbad VAC. Later we made amendment with new client and approval came march 2022. Now i would like to transfer this current approved h1 to other company and want to know if i eligible to do ? Should i wait atleast 3 months and later transfer is the best option?

Thank you

You can transfer any time, no need to wait.

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Thanks kalpesh for your reply .

If I do immediate transfer now then later when I go for stamping with new company then VOfficer can bug on this like y frequently amendment and transfer?

I dont think they are concerned about who you transfer your H1B to and how many times. Their duty is to review the application, documents and approve or deny the visa.

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Thank you Kalpesh for advice