H1B transfer to a different field with new MS degree


I am currently on H1B with a Masters from a US University in Mechanical Engineering. After being on H1B for the last 3 years, I have started pursuing a second Masters in Business Analytics (part-time over the weekends) without changing my current status. I am about to graduate and am currently applying for some positions in this new field.

  • In an ideal world with no application errors, do you see any potential complications arising in this visa transfer moving from one field to a completely different field?

  • Does this qualify as a typical H1B transfer or will there be anything special that needs to be done in this case?

Could you please throw some light in this situation? Anything helps!


No complications. Always, they look at the job you are trying to apply to and your credentials for the same. Your attorney need to ensure that they highlight that education.
Yes, as I said, it is always tied to the job, not what you have.
It is very common for many to have MS and MBA or double Masters as well, it is up to the attorney and your employer to highlight your fitment based on education that you done and experience.