H1B transfer tips

Thanks so much to all the contributors and readers in this forum.

Here’s my situation. My H1B working date starts from Oct 1st 2016. Unfortunately, my employer(consultancy) seems to have issues in getting good projects/contracts. So, I am planning to do H1B transfer to a company who could offer me a full time job. However , I would like to work for my consultancy at least for four months and make sure that I have the pay stubs.

  1. My understanding is, it’s not safe to do H1B transfer before or on Oct 1st, as I’ll not have pay stubs which is a supporting document. Is that right and makes sense?
  2. First few months or during my tenure with this consultancy, I may get paid less than what’s in the LCA. This will be certainly reflected in pay stubs. Does this causes issues during H1B transfer. or, does this depend on how big the difference is.

Thanks again for reading my situation and any suggestions/opinions are highly appreciated.