H1B Transfer Scenario - Need Help to Understand my situation

Hello Folks of RedBus2US,

I am in need of your expert advice and guidance. Hoping for honest inputs.

My Scenario :

1.) H1B approved petition until March 2020 with Employer A. Visa stamped in passport with same end date.
2.) Initiated H1B transfer from Employer A to Employer B.
3.) Upgraded to Premium case and got RFE.
4.) After docs submission, Case got Denied.
5.) Before I receive my Denial from USCIS , I moved out of States and back in India for a personal emergency.
6.) With in 15 days of my denial response on my transfer case , my petition with Employer A is revoked/withdrawn.

My questions are now as follows,

1.) Is there a way to submit another H1 petition in this scenario by my employer B ?
2.) Can any other employer be able to apply a H1B petition for me now ?
3.) Is this a valid legal scenario that Employer A’s petition can be used for initiating new transfer ?
4.) Finally, is there a gateway open to US for me or I should call it off ?

Please throw in your cents of wisdom on my case. If only I can make up mind that my ways are closed , I should be able to focus on job hunt in India.

Thanks in advance folks. I hope and I wish to see lesser and lesser of this kind of posts from our members here in coming days.

  1. Yes, they can file a new. Assuming your petition with Employer A was not revoked for fraud and withdrawn.
  2. Yes.
  3. Yes, if it was not revoked for fraud.
  4. You have it as long as A was withdrawn and not revoked for fraud. You can find another employer to file a cap exempt petition, get approval and then travel to US.