H1B Transfer RFE'd while working on Receipt

Hi All,

I have the below situation and need your advice/suggestion.

  1. I came here on A’s H1B with i94 expiry date 08/31/2017

  2. On 08/06/2016 I am moved to B’s pending H1B and working on receipt.

3 B’s petion got RFE’d and also I am not getting enough RFE details from B.

  1. In this situation as I still my original i94 status till Aug 31’st, CAN I TRY IF A NEW EMPLOYER CAN TRANSFER MY A’s PETITION? Or Do I have to wait for B’s final decision from USCIS? My i94 on A expires on 08/31/2017. Please advise. Thanks, STR

Saurabh or some one can suggest me please.