H1B Transfer - RFE questions - Please help.


I am working on H1B for a start-up product company which is valid till Sept 2016.
I got an offer from one of the top 4 outsourcing company in India. And, they have applied for a H1B transfer in premium processing. (They took little bit longer to apply - They did apply for transfer on the date of joining. I did tell them that I will join when transfer is approved.)

Transfer filled - April 4th
Acceptance notification - April 7th
RFE notification - April 11th
RFE responded - April 24th (HR told me this after following up every 2-3 days since RFE was received)

Now, when I asked HR for the details of RFE he told me that - USCIS needs ‘SOW Verification’ and they will respond to it and nothing is needed from me.

Some questions -

  1. Can anyone please explain what is ‘SOW verification’?
  2. HR told on April 24th, that they have responded to RFE - But I do not see the status changed to ‘RFE Response Review’. (HR told me that, it will directly move to status - ‘Decision’ as it is in premium processing). Can any one please confirm this?
  3. I have offer letter from this company and joining date set initially. But I have been moving the joining date ahead as transfer was not filed initially and it is not approved now.
    Is there any chance that HR just said to me that ‘RFE has been responded to’ and did not really respond and leave the case as it is? (But he has other HR and Director of the Projects copied in that email) - I am just thinking that way because I do not see any change in the case status.

Please help.

Thank You.

I found this and this may explain the SOW verificaiton for you…


Thank you for your reply. Links are redirecting me to blank pages. Please suggest.