H1B Transfer RFE Premium Processing (maintenance of status)

Hi, Did anyone receive an RFE for Maintenance of Status?

I was transferring from an Employer A to Employer B and Employer B files H-1B Transfer in Premium Processing, and received an RFE to prove the maintenance of status from jan 2018 to till date. ( Pay stubs for the entire period )

I submitted all the pay stubs from jan 2018 to till date and also submitted 2018 W2. This will be enough to reply for the RFE i received, i submitted my resignation at employer-A and about to start at employer-B next week. Bit nervous about this situation !

Well, in general maintenance of status means you have met all the requirements for your work. Besides your pay stubs, it is good to submit the documents such as your LCA during that time, your offer letter and maybe your client letter during that time. Basically, it is ideal to submit all the documents that are tied to your employment during that time to prove that you maintained proper status and did not violate it.
Nothing to panic, just try to submit all the documents, it will be fine. Discuss with your attorney as well, they should guide you on the specifics on your case.