H1B Transfer RFE due to difference in Company name on H1b Application and Paystubs.

My H1B was being transferred to a Company B. It was received by USCIS on May 29th, 2015 and they sent and RFE to the Attorneys at Company B on June 9th, 2015. The Issue being:I work currently for Company S which was acquired by a very big Company D in 2012. Since the transition is still on, the original H1B application filed in 2014 has the Petitioner as Company S. However my paystubs has Company D’s Logo and Name. USCIS thinks this is a discrepancy and issued me an RFE stating I may have not maintained valid status.Yesterday Company B’s Attorneys who are filing for my H1B transfer asked me to send them my original I 129 petition, LCA Paystubs and W2’s from 2013 and 2014. The W2’s also have Company S’s name. However, the I 129 has an explanation that Company D had acquired Company S. Now the attorneys say they are going to espond to the RFE with Press Releases and USCIS Memo stating Company D has acquired Company S and hence, I am an employee of Company D and maintained valid status. They say they have enough documents to prove so.I have no idea what will happen. Completely not my fault. Many have got their H1B transferred from my present company with similar papers but none received and RFE. Are there chances of Denial. Extremely Stressed. please help.

You should be fine. This is a pretty straightforward RFE. Make sure they submit all the right docs explaining the acquisition. Maybe even ask HR for a document explaining this. Tell them you’d like it for your records.


Thank you for your response. I know no one is a lawyer here but I am not sure what the right docs for explaining the acquisition are. I sent the attorneys whatever they asked from me - I129 forms,LCA, W2 and paystubs. They said they responded with Press Releases and USCIS Memo.
I do not know if those are sufficient. They assured me they do not need anything else but what if USCIS officer does not believwle and asks for company acquisition papers. I would never be able to provide those.


Any idea about the need of acquisition documents. Since I do not think I can get those :frowning:

I would not worry too much quite frankly. Name change is a minor issue. As long as the lawyers feel confident they can explain it you should be fine. RFEs are stressful but not a big deal if you have the right information.


If it takes this long, 8 days, is it normal or does this mean something else. I have seen getting rfe’s approved in 1 day or even 4 days.

Hi arjoyita,
What happened to your case? I’m in the similar kind of situation and I need help.