H1B Transfer requirements

Hello all,

I am currently on H1B visa came through one consultancy firm on Jan 2016…i am searching for the job and my employer didn’t run the payroll till today .I have decided to come back to India.

My question is whether my H1B will be valid if any indian employer (Big mnc) want to transfer in future…i don’t have pay stubs with me.what do i need to provide at the time of transfer. Appreciate your inputs.

All i want to know is …if i fly t india without paystubs and experience letter from my current employer in US…can i use my H1b transfer in future with some other employer in india with out any issues ?

You are not maintaining legal status and this can be issue. A new cap-exempt petition may get approved but w/ consular processing. So you would have to leave US and then return on new petition in order to work for the new employer.

Thanks Sourab…i am leaving to india now…what are the docs that i need to submit to my new employer if he want to transfer my H1B in future.
i dont have pay stubs now…will it be mandatory to submit ?

You would need to submit copy of current 797. As you don’t have any payslips, you should let your new attorney know about it as it would be required. Payslips are mandatory to show that you maintained legal status in US.