H1b Transfer related if denied in stamping

Hi All,

I have a query related to H1b visa stamping after the petition is picked up in lottery

Here is my scenario:

I went for visa stamping with all the documents provided by my employer but stamping is not done because during consulate interview they gave me blue slip with additional docs required.

which my current employer is not able to provide. So my case is in Pending state right now.

Additional docs needed 1. copy of contract between us based petitioner and client company

  1. A letter from the personnel department at us end client company stating there is requirement for you

  2. detail description of the project to which you will be assigned

  3. a complete itinerary of service or engagements that specifies the date of service

In this scenario, Instead of giving up Can I transfer my H1b petition to another employer who can provide all the documents so that I can go for stamping again.

Is there any feasibility of this. Please guide me