H1B Transfer Question.. Please HELP!

This is Manoj, currently am working on an non profit H1B Visa(Cap Exempt). Since my current h1b is a non profit and i was not able to shift other companies which are not for profit, I recently applied for a regular h1b through another employer and got it approved. So my question is how does the transition take place will my new h1b directly come in to effect on October 1st, if that’s the case what will happen to my current not for profit h1b and job here ? Is there any way that i can use this newly approved h1b to my not for profit employer ? Please let me know.



You can start the job with new employer from 1st October provided you are still in a valid H1B status at the time of employer switch.

Not unless you switch your job to the employer who filed your cap-subject H1B and then you can transfer to any employer. Note that H1B petitions are employer specific.