H1B Transfer process


I have an approved H1 petition from Sep 2014 till Aug 2017. It got approved while i came back to India but my change of status got rejected. Now I am kinda stuck in India as my consultant has not supported me for H1 stamping process neither sent all the original petition copy. I do have soft copies of the petition.

Can I apply to other organisations and can they help me with H1 Transfer as I have never worked in US before and don’t have payslips that would support my H1 status. Though I have payslips to support my work experience in India. Will I be cap exempt and would it mean that my employer can file for a petition anytime?

I am looking for an H1 Transfer assistance.



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Yes !! You can apply to other organisations and they will help you with H1 Transfer as long as you have I797 Copy whatever it may be a softcopy or hardcopy dosent matter.

but anather employer has to Pay same cost like original H1. some of the Employer asks for that money. but you will be Cap exempt so dont worry. All the best :slight_smile: