H1B transfer process from India


I am currently working with employer A in India and have valid H1B till September 2016.

I am interested in transferring my visa from company A to company B which is in US.

My questions are


1) Whether employer A will be get any notification while visa transfer

2) If employer A cancels my H1B petition/visa in that case also if it is possible to transfer visa with employer B

3) While cancellation whether employer A will get to know if the visa has been transferred already.

4) Is it possible to travel to US if employer B transfers my visa while I am in India.

5) how much time it takes for visa transfer in premium processing and how much does it cost
  1. No

  2. Yes

  3. No

  4. Yes, after B’s petition has been approved and you have a valid unexpired visa stamp in the passport

  5. 15 calendar days and costs around 2000 USD + 1225 for PP