H1B Transfer premium processing


My H1B tranfer was filed with USCIS on 29th July 2013. Till Aug 7th I didnt have any update. When enquired with the employer, he has mentioned that by mistake it was filed under normal processing and on the same day it was moved to Premium processing. On Aug 7th, the status was in Initial Review - H1B premimum processing clock has started. On Aug 8th, the status moved to acceptance. I am confused why it has moved from Initial Review to Acceptance and what does that mean. And also when can I expect my approval.

Your help will be much appreciated.


you got approved

When the petition is upgraded to PP, it moves from its place in RP queue to the beginning of PP queue. So it is normal for it to go to Acceptance. It will be processed within 15 calendar days from that day.

Thanks Saurabh for your response.
So there will be no change in receipt number right? Its still the old receipt number and I can track using this receipt number itself. And also, from Acceptance, the next step would be Decision?

The receipt number remains the same. From Acceptance, it will follow the usual path of Initial Review, RFE or Decision. In some cases, it may jump directly from Acceptance to Decision. You should wait for 15 calendar days to see what happens to the petition.