H1B transfer premium processing passed 15 days

My H1B transfer was filed in premium processing on 28th Jan and received on 29th Jan . 15 days already over and till now there is no receipt number and no update . 2 days when i checked with my employer , they said this is due to some system issue at SICS and and they are net able to generate receipt numbers because of it . Is it normal ? How long premium processing transfer can take ?

There are some times delays in generating the receipt number from USCIS. I know this can be very frustrating, but there is hardly anything you could do but to wait patiently. Your atorney can try to contact USCIS but without the receipt number even he won’t be able to do much !

Is their any separate USCIS helpline for premium processing?
I am bit worried as today is 16th day and still no approval. Even I have to go for stamping after the approval. Any idea, how much time it take for stamping after approval?

assuming its being processed in Vermont service center, here is the official link, it has the numbers.