H1b transfer PP still in initial Review

My new employer has filed a H1b transfer Premium on March 19th, and we got RFE on March 23 rd, and the status immediately changed to Initial review stating the Clock has been stopped. The employer responded to the RFE on April 2nd and the status still remains the same.I am not sure why the status still says the clock has been stopped. What could be done possibly?? I am much worried.

Can someone pls answer this for me?

Your employer/attorney should contact USCIS and confirm if they have received the RFE response. If yes, then the status should change to RFE response review and the clock should start again.

Just make sure that your response has not been misplaced in the huge batch of new filings.

We are sailing in the same boat. My attorney had called up the USCIS and found out that the mail was misplaced and they will pick it up for processing. The status still remains the same. No change. Any update on your visa status?

My clock got restarted on april 11th and stopped again yesterday.Don know really whats happening…sleepless nights