H1B transfer PP pending, employer address location change


I am currently on h1b and pursuing my employement. I plan to join my new employer. My h1b transfer application was started by new employer and is currently pending. My prospective employer just changed location address completely from next week but it falls under the same MSA. ( I checked with the zip code. It is 2 miles away).

My H1B application is filed in premium processing, I have my receipt number and waiting for apprioval. Also, my new prospective employer is not going to report its new address within 15 days. I am expecting H1B application will get approved.

They will be posting my current LCA at new location for 10 days.

My concerns and questions:

- Do I need a new LCA and hence amended H1B petition?

  • Do I ask my employer to report their new address or old address on I-9 form, once I join? I plan to join 30 days from now. (At that time the address would not have changed officially but at that time the employer would have physically shifted to new address. They still hold the old adress for 40 days from now) Is it a problem?

- Once I join my new employer and go for visa stamping in home country in upcoming vacation in December because of employer address mismatch?

- USCIS officer visits at an old address when I-9 form is filled up with old address?

- I-9 form can get rejected, if new address reported?

- Does MSA(Metropolitan statistical area) apply for the prospective employee or for ongoing employment?

Please help me with these questions urgently, I am stuck with the above issue.