H1B transfer possible if only lottery is picked up & case number is known.

Hi All,

My H1B is filed from company A.

My h1 b case is picked up in lottery & I have the case number. Status shows its Received. I am yet to go for stamping.Probably it will take 3 months more to get it stamped. Till now I have traveled to US in B1 visa. Now, there is another company B in which I just got selcted and it’s very known for filing and sending people to usa from india and this new company B is ready to Sponser my H1b Visa or Transfer the case. Now I have few question. 1) Is it possible for company A to revoke my H1B visa as they have beared the expense of filing H1B Visa. I will not be resiging or informing my Company A until the transfer happened successfully. 2) If H1B transfer process gets rejection from USCIS, does the company A will be informed about it or not

  1. will Company A know that I have applied for H1B transfer from company B??