H1B transfer- new company not giving i797c. is there anthing to worry

Hi Saurabh and team,

i am in need of urgent advice because I have to give notice by tomorrow.

I have transfered my H1b to a new employer. but employer is reluctant to send i797 and the complete bunch of docs. They have sent me the USCIS approval email, but saying once I join then only they will give that.( The employer is a very big reputed company).

But is there anything to worry about? is there any chance they will keep it with them for some odd reason.

I feel it is to be given to employee. is it safe go without it?. Please assist with your advice. I will be very thankful.

If you have confidence that they would eventually share it w/ you, then you can join them. You would still need to have the copy in future and if they are a big reputed firm, then there is a good chance that they would share it w/ you after you join them. If you have any friends in that firm, you can check w/ them.

Thanks saurabh. I fall short of words to appreciate the support and guidence you are giving here.
Thnks again.

No problem. Just trying to bring about more awareness :slight_smile: