H1B transfer(never traveled/ Not used)


[b]I got my H1B stamped on July-2012 with employer A. I have not travelled yet because of some project issues.  [/b]

	[b] If i change my emplayer to B, Do employer A have any hold on my H1B, Can they revoke/cancel it by any mans?[/b]

	[b]Is there any risk involved in transfer of H1B like rejection.[/b]

	[b]How much time transfer is going to take? After whcih point i can be sure to resign from the employer A.[/b]

	[b]Is there anything i should take care of before taking this step?[/b]


  1. employer A does not need to know that you are getting an H1 transfer. Even A revokes it you will still be considered cap exempt

  2. this depends on case to case but generally if all the documents are in place and no false information is given then you need not worry

  3. premium processing takes 15 days regular processing takes anything between 2 to 6 months. You can be sure to join B once your petition is approved but usually B will ask you to join as soon as the EAC number is generated