H1B Transfer, Multiple Petitions for Change of Employer



I have got 2 full time offers from Company A & B.

Company A works for a client X.

Currently, they have filed LCA with client X and waiting for approval in order to file H1B petition with USCIS.

Most probably by this week or early next week, they will file petition with USCIS.

Whereas Company B has not yet started any onboarding processing like background check, etc.

So it will take another 3-4 weeks for them to file petition with USCIS.

Please note that I want to join Company B.

Need advice on below points:

  1. At current situation, is it safe to file change of employer with USCIS from 2 different employers.

  2. Should I go ahead filing petition with Company A.

  3. If yes, in case I get an RFE for Company A, will it impact the petition filed for Company B.

  4. If yes, in case I get an approval from Company B, will it impact the petition filed for Company B.

  5. If both the petitions are filed during same time, will it have any negative impact.

  6. Should i file petition from Company B only, and deny Company A to file petition.

Any help and advice is appreciated.