H1B transfer in premium processing while staying in India

I am currently working for employer A in India and have an H1B which was stamped in Nov. Recently i got a better offer from employer B who are ready to do a premium transfer of my visa. But if i resign before my visa gets transferred from A emp A will cancel my visa and petition. So i have submitted my docs to emp. B for premium processing. Now my questions are :

  1. Will A get 2 know that my visa is transferred ?

  2. Can i resign from A once the petition filed by B is approved by USCIS ?

  1. No

  2. Yes

Agree w/ Ankit. However, watch out for the scenario where you resign from A, join B on the basis of receipt and then B’s petition gets denied. Be careful when going this route and consider it safe only when you are pretty confident about B’s approval.