h1b transfer in Offshore

i have h1b valid for 2 years i’m having my original i-797 and i-29 with me…but currently my employer is not having onsite opportunity so they r telling me to wait for sometime.

Is it possible to switch company in Offshore now and still i can make use of my Stamped H1B ? If yes , what’s the procedure (like again need to appear for stamping or need to convince the current employer and get some approvals/documents ) .

Another employer can file a cap-exempt petition for you. Once approved, you can travel to US to work for the new employer using their newly approved petition. No new visa stamping is required as long as the previous visa stamp is still valid.

You would need copy of current H-1 approval notice for this. Do you have that?

i-797 is the approval notice …rite ?
I am having that with me

797 is the approval notice. It would either be 797A or 797B (marked on the document).