h1b transfer in india without travelling to USA once at least

Hi Sourabh,

Suppose, I have a H1B visa and I have not travelled to US. IF I change the company in india, can I transfer visa also ? I heard that we have to travel to US at least once if we need to transfer to any other compan in india. Is it corect ?

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As far as I know, you can do H1B transfer without travelling to US within 6 years of first approval of the H1B petition.

Hi Krishna, I am also in similar situation. Did you get any answer? Is it possible to change the company with the approved petition without even travelling once and get the employer change done in the new company? Appreciate if you can share any info on this. Thanks Srikanth

Hi Guys, even im in similar situation & want to Transfer my H1B to new company without travelling to USA being in India. You guys had any luck for this ?