H1B transfer I140 approved before 180 days

Hi All,
I have i140 approved from my current employer x,
I have another employer y who made me offer but i have not completed 180 days with current company post i140.
Can i let employer y to go ahead with h1b transfer and i put my paper post i complete 180 days i have 40 days left.kindly suggest.
My spouse h4 extension and h4ead is still in progress filed on employer x.
Please do not judge employer x project ended already and i am unable to get project ao what should be best to do

This will be a better approach.

You already have offer from another employer and you said you are transferring the H1B. What is the question here?

Thanks for reply Kalpesh - query is is that any issue if company y make h1b transfer before 180 completion?
Also what will happen h4 and h4ead which is in progress?

This should be fine provided you join company Y after you complete 180 days for I-140.

It may keep processing and you may receive RFE later on to provide USCIS with the copy of your I-797 with company Y (as H4 approval is dependent on the primary H1B status). It’s up to you whether to apply another EOS for H4/EAD or just let the current one process.