H1b Transfer got denied

I came to US with company A petition and after that i changed the job and joined the new employer on transfer receipt. Now my I 129(Petition) has denied with employer B and my I-94 is still valid until Oct 2018. I have few questions like

If any company C again filed my petition, can i again resume work on new receipt or should i wait for approval.

If company C petition got denied again, in this case what would be the possible options left for me to secure my employment.

In addition, Can you please clarify below points:

  1. Am i considered Out of status now or until the denial notice received?

  2. How long do i have to leave the US in case required ? When do the grace period start.

Any help is highly appreciated

It is very very unlikely for h1b transfer to be denied. This is really weird. Can you gives us full story, or additional details? Is the change of employer substantially a different role and skillset involved?