H1B transfer & GC perm

Hi All,

I am planning to Transfer my H1B, I have stamped Visa till max out May 2019 from Company A. (17 months)

I need to go back to India as My current company is asking me to come back in Jan 2018 and they wont apply GC.

Questions : Can I initiate H1B transfer now and start with my GC PERM Labour filled by Company B?.

I need to be working with Company A till Jan and go to India and resign as I have 10years of my experience with them and if I switch here in US directly they will never give my experiece letter and other required documents which could possibly affect my GC processing at some point.

Can I go to India be there for few months , mean while get my H1 transferred and apply my Perm with company B like right now ?. and once I am back in US apply for h1 extension by company B for the time I was in india and use that buffer period for my I 140 approval ?.

Please advice.

thank you .