H1B Transfer from one employer to another employer when it is RFE

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Please excuse me as I am new to H1B process.

I am working with Employer A where they processed H1B and my case was in RFE status. Now I got good offer with Employer B and still I haven’t resigned from A. Following are my questions.

  1. Do I eligible to transfer my H1B from Employer A to Employer B?
  2. Can I initiate a H1 transfer from Employer B if my current status is in RFE?
  3. If Employer A withdraws my H1b transfer then are there any chances of rejection/denial/RFE for H1b transfer with employer B?

If your current I-94 is valid, any number of employers can initiate your H1B petition(Transfer) regardless of any other employer’s on going petition(pending/RFE etc status okay).
But if your I-94 is already expired, stay with the employer whose filing is in RFE till it gets fully approved before trying to move to another employer.

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How to check my I-94 is expired or valid? is there way to check ?

use google.com to find how

ReadHow to Check I-94 Online and Status

I am fresh application where i went through RFE. so can you explain on the given questions?

@sarat_babu, When you say working are you working in US or not ?
Are you in US or have you ever been in US at all ? Share more details.