H1B Transfer from Employer A to Employer B


I had accepted a new job offer from Employer B located in IL state and its in transfer process and as per the Employer B attorney they filed the LCA as Worksite Address as IL and another worksite home address as OH state which is my current address but i am relocating to IL state once the H1B Petition is approved.

My question is:

  1. If attorney include my home address in my H1B petition (OHIO address), will this not result in double taxation in my every payroll for IL and OH states?

  2. I will be relocating permanently to IL after the H1B petition is approved. Is it possible by attorney to update my IL home address with USCIS once the H1B petition is approved to avoid the double taxation ?

Thanks in advance

That depends on the payroll address your company is using but it should not be both states, has to be one address that you are actually working from.

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@Venkat_S2, I don’t think your answer is valid.