H1B transfer from employer A to employeer B in India


One query regarding the lottery and cancellation of visa, my visa is valid till 2017.

I have been to USA from employer A for 6 months and I resigned from that company and now working with employer B.

  1. Can employer A cancel H1B and what does the cancellation means do I need to appear for lottery again?

  2. Can any other employer transfer the petition and what would be period when it has to be file?


  1. They can withdraw the petition, but you remain cap-exempted

  2. Yes, they can. Usually this needs to happen within 6 years but recent experiences suggest that it can happen even after that

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for the reply.

I forgot to mention that I have joined employer B in India. Will the above point valid then also.

Response is valid even if joined B in India.