H1b Transfer from Company X to Company Y


I am working for company X. Currently my visa is expiring on this October 31. So my company X was filed an extension and currently it is in ‘Case Received’ status.

Here i have two questions:

  1. If i want to transfer my H1B to company Y, is it safe for me ? ? because my visa is expiring on October 31 and company X extension is still in process.

  2. If i want to transfer my H1B to company Y after my visa expiration i.e. after October 31. will it impact the company X’s extension.

Can anyone answer for me please.

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  1. As your I-94 hasn’t expired yet, Y’s petition is not impacted by X’s extension petition. They both can happen in parallel

  2. If Y’s petition is filed after Oct 31, then Y’s approval will be dependent on X’s extension approval. X’s processing will not be impacted by Y’s petition.