H1B Transfer from company A ->B or C or D


Working for A. Now I’m getting few opportunity from B, C, D.

Company B say join within 1 week

Company C say join within 1 week.

I’m wating for D to finish my interview which will take 3 weeks from now.

Now my questions are:

  1. Can i say Company B or C to go ahead and file the transfer.(to be safer side) ?

  2. Can multiple companies initiate H1B transfer ? Will there be any conflict ?

  3. If i get job offer from D (which will take 3 weeks) i will join D.

    here B or C H1b transfer affects D cmpny transfer?

Thanking you tons!!!

Could any body plsssss answer above Q’s…

  1. Yes

  2. Yes, they can file H-1 petitions for you

  3. No, it won’t impact D’s petition

In this scenario, 2 companies will lose the H-1 filing fees on you. You will be burning some bridges here. So tread carefully.