H1b Transfer for H4 to H1 COS visa


I am planning to do a H1 transfer from Company A to Company B. Earlier I was on H4 and then got my COS to H1 approved. If the transfer got rejected or got any RFE, will my ealier H1 petition will have any impact.Can I still work for Company A? Also since it was a COS will there be any more formalities during H1 transfer. After the H1 transfer approval, if I change mind Can I work for Company A?

Really appreciate your response.



If H1B transfer got rejected or went into RFE, your earlier H1B will not have any impact. Yes, you can still work with Company A. I do not think there will be any additional formalities since it was COS. Once H1B is approved for Company B, you cannot work for Company A.