H1B Transfer - Flying to different employer

I got my H1B visa stamped in December - 2012 which is valid upto September-2015, this visa is still not utilized means my petitioner employer does not have position is USA.

I am looking to transfer this visa from India itself to another company in USA. While searching i got many calls from many consultants to fly on my H1B visa which is still with company A. The consultant (Company B) will provide me their offer letter. Company B will file my h1b transfer when i am in US.

Is this a valid scenario, can i fly to company B on Company A visa and Company B offer letter? How reliable this is?

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Hey I am in a similar situation. The company A does not hav any open positions and my visa/petition will get expired in September 2013. I am answering this as I have been searching for answers myself. For your question, Please do not travel on Company A s petition without its approval. If some consultant wants to hire you, ask them to transfer your existing petition and get a new i797. Travel on the new i797.

Travel on company A’s petition on your own risk as this will be treated as immigration fraud if the company A comes to know about it. You can use the existing stamp though to travel without going for a new stamping.

This is my personal opinion and not a Legal advice.