H1B Transfer filing for multiple employer

Hello Friends,

Need your help in understanding the H1B transfer process.

I am having multiple offers and below is my scenario and need your thoughts on this.

  1. I got offer from employer A and B at the same time and employer A filed my H1 transfer first but it went to RFE.
  2. Since my first transfer went to RFE, I don’t want to take risk and asked employer 2 to file H1 transfer.

Now the scenario is

  1. What happens if my transfer gets approved from employer B before employer A files a response to RFE? Can I join employer B or the pending decision from employer A has any impact?
  2. In case, I start my employment with employer B and in the meantime H1 transfer by employer A also gets approved, Can I start my employment with Employer A even if my transfer for Employer B was approved after filing date of transfer by Employer A?

Appreciate anyone’s response at the earliest.

Change of employer aka transfer petitions are independently processed. One doesn’t have any impact on another even if they are all processed in parallel as the current employer is same for all petitions but the new employer is different. If all get approved, you can join any one and the other employers will withdraw the H1B petition. You don’t need to wait for RFE response.

Yes, you may leave employer B and join employer A.

Discuss your plans with your immigration lawyer as there will always be case specific details that they can address better.

Thanks a lot for your to the point response. I will check with attorney as well.