H1B Transfer during RFE - Very Urgent and Important

Hi Saurabh, I was working with Employer A and moved to Employer B based on EAC. But now I have an RFE with Employer B and it is related to some client level documentation. I have cleared an interview with one of the big Employer C [he should not have any client level issues]. Can Employer C file for H1 transfer based on my H1 that I held with Employer A and the EAC I am holding with Employer B. If Employer C is applying for transfer, will USCIS not act on it till Emp B EAC is withdrawan or still USCIS will act on it?

Your immediate response (before 5.00 PM Eastern time) would help me a lot.



It should be fine. You have maintained legal status all the while, have the payslips and joined B on the basis of transfer receipt.

As emloyer C is a big one, they must be having an attorney, and you can talk to them as well about this.