H1B Transfer during Grace period 60 days

Hi Redbus Team, Appreciate your contribution !!

Just want to get some information. I have been recently laid off and i’m in 60 days period from April 1st 2023, I got new job and they started the H1B Transfer process they filled for LCA on 5/12 and waiting for DOL certificate, my grace period ends on May 31st 2023. Assuming i get my receipt number before that i’m safe. Just want to check What are the other options i can continue to stay

Option 1 : File for COS to B2

Option 2 : Convert to H4 ( My spouse is in H1B and working)

for the both the options can you say the timeline and process and pro’s and con’s. Thanks in advance !

Option 2 is better as your spouse is H1B so it will be approved without any issue.