H1B transfer during 240 day period

My current I-94 has already expired, I’m in the 240 day period with my current employer already filing for extension a few days before I-94 expiry.

Recently a very reputable firm has offered to transfer my visa for a direct role with them. Given the suspension of premium processing and long transfer approval wait times, I am leaning towards joining the new firm based on just the transfer filing receipt, before petition approval.

But I was informed that this would make the current extension petition a “Bridge Petition” which will impact my transfer petition. Could someone please shed a light on -

  1. Specifically how the extension (Bridge) petition would impact my transfer petition?
  2. Wont the current extension petition be withdrawn anyway once I resign from my current firm?
  1. If the bridge petition gets denied, your transfer to the new employer after your I-94 expiry will also be denied. The rule is, the string of petitions in the bridge between your first and current one has to meet H1B requirements for extension / transfer and be approved to have the last one in the string approved. If something goes wrong in the middle petition, then the bridge is cut and your final petition is also denied.

2.You are technically out of status after your I-94 expiry, unless you have filed a h1B extension or transfer, if your bridge petition is withdrawn, your status is also unknown right ?

This is a tricky situation with bridges, you need to work with attorney and make an informed decision.


This clears up things a lot. Thanks.

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