H1B Transfer Denial Questions

" aria-expanded=“true” style=“box-sizing: border-box;”>I worked with Consulting Firm A (2012 - June 2018) .I was placed at Company C(client) through Vendor V. I have I-140 approved and my VISA, I-797 and I-94 through Employer A are valid till Sep 2019. Company C (previously my client) have applied for H1 petition (transfer) in June 2018 and I have joined on receipt because of personal family reasons and then received RFE on specialty occupation. Attorney responded to RFE and we received denial on my case. We are waiting to receive the denial notice to understand the reason. Company C is one of the largest retailers with 20k+ employees and didn’t have these denials before.I was asked by Company C HR team to not work for one day(unpaid leave) and they filed new petition on Regular processing and asked me to resume my work. They did filed this new petition without knowing the denial reason. Do you think will there any strategy for Company C filing another petition without knowing denial reason? If it gets denied this time, how long I can stay in the country to switch to different company? Employer A said they will be able to hire me back.But,they would need to find another end client client and file amenedment.Recommendation?Less