H1B Transfer Denial but can continue with previous employer


If any H1B visa is denied during H1B Transfer, can he/she still continue to work with his/her previous approved Stamped VISA?

Does this kind of denial hamper the GC process in future?

Yes, you may continue working with previous employer within validity period. No, such denials are common and do not impact green card processing.Best wishesDr. Sandeep Shankar, hopehumanityATgmailDOTcom; wwwDOThopeforhumanityglobalDOTorg

Thanks for the update. By the way, do I need to inform my employer that I tried to transfer the VISA and it was denied or can we keep it secret?

Does by anyone they come to know even if we do not inform them about the transfer and denial?

Your current employer has no use for this information. It is like applying for a new job and being denied - the present employer needs to be informed only if you plan to move.