H1B Transfer Conditions while in US


I have come to US in first week of Feb , however till now my consultancy is unable to place me in the job. Hence i’m planning to find another employer for H1 transfer. Is it legal / feasible to do H1 transfer without paystubs? Will there be any complications during the H1 transfer?



H-1 transfer consists of 2 parts - (1) a new 797 in the name of new employer, (2) a new extended I-94 in the name of new employer.

(1) will be processed and approved even if you are not getting paid

(2) may run into issues as you are not getting paid (i.e. no payslips). So USCIS may approve (1) w/ consular processing and not an attached I-94. You will have to leave US and return w/ (1) to get a new I-94 and work for the new employer.

Thank you Saurabh for the reply